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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que wanted to generate awareness and interest in their new "Send Joe's Bar-B-Que" service. That included driving traffic to their website as well as increasing the time spent on site and increasing their email subscriber numbers for follow-up email marketing campaigns. See how their launch campaign turned into a DMA International ECHO Award for Best Web/Ecommerce campaign.

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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch

Email Design for the Non-Designer

Imagine being part of a team that includes a designer, copywriter, developer, and marketer. They are all working together harmoniously on an email campaign, each contributing to it from their area of expertise, resulting in a perfectly crafted email that is great looking, well written, and renders correctly in every inbox. You are all together when the send button is pressed, and you look on as your beautiful emails are released like doves into the sky.   The unfortunate reality is that’s almost never the case. It’s you, the marketer […]

healthcare digital marketing

5 Ways to Uplevel Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Providers

So you’ve gotten your five HIPAA rules under control and your marketing budget is at least 10% of your company’s overall budget. Now you are ready to embark into the healthcare digital marketing world, but don’t know which digital strategy to implement.     Let’s look at the five ways you can uplevel your digital marketing strategy for healthcare to help you generate more traffic and stay competitive in the healthcare industry.     Have an Easy-to-Navigate Website While Staying Mobile Conscience Although many people still use desktops, the majority […]

Google Marketing Live 2019 Recap

Google Marketing Live 2019: Follow the Way to Better Ads

Another Google Marketing Live is in the books, and we have more insight into the path of Google Ads for the year. Last year was all about automation, and we continue to optimize to those initiatives today: Developing rich and diverse text ad assets for Responsive Search Ads is an ongoing task in our queue. Many of our campaigns have moved to Automated Bid Strategies with improved results for our clients. Attribution past Last Click is gaining adoption. We are making use of Smart campaigns, specifically Smart Shopping, to widen […]

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